Chief Designers Meet to Design Soyuz 5 Launch Complex

The Progress Rocket and Space Center (Samara, part of Roscosmos) hosted a meeting of the Council of Chief Designers, to review the Soyuz-5 space rocket complex development.

The representatives of RSC Energia, NPO Avtomatika, NPO Energomash, KBKhA, NITs RKP, NPO Lavochkin, RSS, TsENKI as well as other enterprises and head institutions of space rocket industry took part in the council chaired by Dmitry Baranov, RSC Progress Director General - Soyuz-5 space rocket complex Chief Designer, as well as Alexander Lopatin, Roscosmos Deputy Director General for Rocket Production.

The Council considered organizational issues of presenting the space rocket complex conceptual design to Roscosmos acting as the state customer. Progress RSC Director General reported on the Soyuz-5 launch vehicle development progress. RSC Progress is manufacturing the first stage fuel tanks, pipelines, pneumohydraulic units for ground-based experimental testing of the product. The oxidizer tank prototype static strength tests have been completed to confirm the strength of the first stage unit intended for benchtop testing. Firing tests of the final stage RD-171MV engine were conducted at NPO Energomash; firing tests of the RD-0124MS engine are continuing at the KBKhA.

The reports were also delivered by the managers of RSC Energia, NPO Avtomatika, NPO Energomash, KBKhA, NPO Lavochkin, TsENKI and other developers of Soyuz-5 space rocket complex and its components.

The Council of Chief Designers made decisions aimed to ensure delivery of the conceptual design for the Soyuz-5 space rocket complex in the current year.

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